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Broadalbin-Perth Central School District offers a rigorous, innovative and high-quality academic program that meets children where they are, whether they require enrichment or need extra help. Students continually build on their skills throughout their school careers, allowing each student to reach his or her academic potential and develop a desire for lifelong learning.

The district is dedicated to preparing students for college and careers by providing educational programs that align with individual students’ interests, talents and needs, as well as the New York State Department of Education’s learning standards.

Course Progressions

With a focus on preparing students to be ready for college and careers, Broadalbin-Perth Junior Senior High School provides a rigorous, academic program that includes a visual, sequential outline of content for students in grades 7-12. Course progressions are based on various levels, including Regents and accelerated, to help parents and students understand how to best plan for their academic success and prepare for graduation.

Academic Pathways

Regents Pathways

Students in the Regents level pathway are working toward a Regents or Advanced Regents diploma. Course and assessment requirements for these diplomas vary. Students in this Pathway are developing the characteristics outlined in the Profile of a Broadalbin-Perth Graduate.

Courses in the Regents Pathway develop students’ ability to master grade-level standards and focus on developing skills students need to be college and career-ready.

Acceleration/AP/College Course Pathways

Broadalbin-Perth offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses that are Accelerated, College, and Advanced Placement-level. These courses are more rigorous than Regents-level courses; the curriculum is delivered at a faster pace and in greater depth, incorporating a more complex analysis of the material.

In addition to the characteristics of a Regents and college-level student, students who are good candidates for acceleration pathways are those who:

  • grasp ideas quickly in order to effectively manage the pace of the curriculum;
  • have a high level of interest in the subject area;
  • demonstrate creativity and critical thinking;
  • often initiate their own learning;
  • communicate (read, write, speak, and listen) above grade level;
  • demonstrate the interest in and ability to reflect on their learning, as well as provide feedback on ideas proposed by others; and
  • display independence and recognize the additional responsibility and effort that is required for these levels of classes.

Courses in the Accelerated Pathway present advanced-level material to students at a more rapid pace.

School Counseling Team

Jennifer Grimmick
School Counselor
(Students in grades 11-12 with last names starting A-L)

Charla Simonson
School Counselor
(Students in grades 11-12 with last names starting M-Z)

Jennifer Steele
School Counselor
(Students in grades 7-10 with last names starting M-Z)

Stephanie Hotaling
School Counselor
(Students in grades 7-10 with last names starting A-L)

Kimberly Boswell
School Counseling Secretary

CEEB Code: 330-520