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There are many options available to students at Broadalbin-Perth High School. This guide features a list of current course offerings and course descriptions. Students are encouraged to read through these options before making annual curriculum choices. Thoughtful planning will help students make the most of the many opportunities available to them at Broadalbin-Perth High School.

All members of the faculty are prepared to assist students in making the choices that are best for them. Teachers and counselors are available to clarify requirements for advanced courses or to assist in evaluating students’ interests and abilities in terms of plans beyond high school. Ultimately, the responsibility for these choices remains with students and their parents. Plan wisely and, when in doubt, be sure to consult with a school counselor.

The choices students make throughout their high school years are not restricted to the annual selection of courses. Each student should try to find at least one or two extracurricular activities that will provide some challenge or purpose for him or her. Frequently, these activities afford rewarding social experiences or an opportunity to pursue personal interests not easily provided for in the classroom.

Everyone at BPHS hopes that students will discover that education cannot be confined to a limited area of study or activity. Life’s experiences can be explored in many ways. Choices made now affect opportunities available in the future.

Requirements for All Honors Courses

To maintain the integrity of the honors courses, students enrolled in these courses must adhere to the following requirements. Parents will be notified about the need to discuss the removal of a student who fails to meet any of these requirements.

  • 88% average each quarter
  • 88% on the midterm exam
  • 85% on the Regents exam
  • Academic honesty
  • Class participation
  • All work completed by designated due date
  • Responsibility for all work when absent
  • Notification of any extended absence
  • Teacher recommendation